Are you interested in international affairs, in the United Nations and in spending a week with the university in New York and all in all getting 6 credits for that?

The 2020 conference will be taking place from 29 March to 2 April.


The National Model United Nations (NMUN) conference in New York is one of the largest and most sophisticated simulations of the United Nations worldwide. Established in 1946 – one year after the foundation of the UN – the conference has since successfully taken place more than sixty times. Annually 4500 students from 250 universities worldwide gain an insight into the procedures of the United Nations. This provides students with a unique opportunity to accumulate skills in conducting diplomatic negotiations and public speaking, which could not otherwise be gained from day to day university life.

The University of St. Gallen sends a delegation of up to 24 students to New York every year as part of the NMUN Bachelor Course which prepares you for the conference throughout the autumn semester.

Specialized knowledge, rules of procedure and rhetoric are only a few of the skills that the students need to master. Acquiring these calls for initiative, discipline and focus. Having been able to gain several awards in previous years, the University of St. Gallen once more sets out to reach new heights.

The applications for the 2020 Delegation will open on May 16 and close on June 30.

See below for application details.


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St. Gallen Delegation 2019


With their engagement and dedication to their project, the students who form the St.Gallen delegation to the annual NMUM conference represent one of the most important aspects of the educational mission of HSG: the ability and motivation to go far beyond their usual coursework for the sake of acquiring crucial professional experience. It is not only the enormous political importance of the UN as such which makes those experiences so precious, but also the exposure to the social and cultural challenges posed by the enormous diversity of the students who are brought together annually at this conference.

Recently, the University of St. Gallen has formulated its vision 2020 as follows:

“As one of Europe’s leading business universities, we are recognized globally as a place for thought leadership on current economic, business, and societal matters and for the development of talent able to integrate perspectives and act both entrepreneurial and responsibly. “

We are committed to educating our students by honing their professional skills as well as by fostering personalities who are able and willing to meet the future grand challenges of global change in a spirit of context-conscious open mindedness for the needs and potentials of the whole of the worlds` society. On this background, the University of St. Gallen appreciates and admires the huge effort our students put into their mission to NMUN. We are fully convinced that this effort is worth being financially supported, and we wish them every success in raising such support.

About the 2019 Delegation

We are 18 Bachelor students of the University of St.Gallen who will attend the March 2019 National Model United Nations (NMUN) Conference in New York together. In preparation for the conference, we hold regular meetings and work on the various questions that should be taken into consideration when attending a conference of this kind. This includes a variety of topics such as the rather strict rules of procedure, learning how to write a resolution correctly or discussing current issues on the UN’s agenda.

Our individual reasons for joining the NMUN-Course may vary but there are some common goals that we all hope to achieve during the next few months. One of them is to improve our skills with regards to discussing and defending a point of view which may even differ from your own. An additional difficulty to overcome will be to truly work together as a team, even though we did not know each other before the start of this course. Furthermore, we are looking forward to an interesting and active exchange of opinions with students from all over the world. We may have to overcome other, unforeseen challenges. But all the same, we are convinced that this conference and the preparation required for it will in any case broaden our horizons and will no doubt prove to be an invaluable experience.

More information about past delegations can be found here

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NMUN Bachelor Course


The applications for the NMUN 2020 Delegation are open from May 15 until June 30. You can find experience reports of past delegations here.

Application Procedure for Elective for Fall 2019 (Deadline June 30 2019)

The course will be credited with 6 ECTS to your independent electives[1]. The grade is given only in the spring semester after the NMUN conference in New York.

1           Profile of Candidates

  • Students at Bachelor’s level who do not graduate before spring 2020 and are not on exchange in fall 2019
  • All majors are welcome to apply
  • Students will be expected to fundraise independently.

2          Requirements

  • Interest in international organisations
  • Continued dedication throughout the year
  • Strong communication skills and good knowledge of English
  • International experience is a plus

3          Required Documents – all documents in PDF format

  • CV in English without picture, but with relevant proof of English language
  • Relevant skills (if available e.g. TOEFL)
  • Current HSG grade transcript
  • Short essay of no more than a page; see section 4
  • IMPORTANT: Submit your entire application as 1 single PDF document.
    • Incomplete or incorrectly formatted applications will not be considered.
  • Send your application to modelun@unisg.ch
    • Deadline: June 30th 2019

4          Short Essay

  • You represent a least developed country, and you are asked to persuade a skeptic delegate from an OECD member state that the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are just as important for the latter as they are for the developing parts of the world. [Times New Roman, 12 pt.; 1.25 spacing, max 1/2 page]

[1] Unfortunately, BLE students won’t be able to receive credits for this class.

Assignments & Course Efforts

Leader Paper [35% of final grade]:

  • short paper in the style of The Economist leader papers on a subject related to the UN and/or the country our Delegation will represent;
  • to be submitted after the fall break 2018.

Position Paper [40% of final grade]:

  • 2 page-paper to be submitted to the NMUN conference;
  • presents our country’s views and suggestions on the issues to be discussed in your respective committees;
  • written in groups of two;
  • usually needs to be written during the Christmas break; deadline depends on NMUN timeline.

Reflection Paper [15% of final grade]:

  • 1 page on the lessons learned at the conference; to be submitted one week after the Spring 2019 break.

Participation and Organization of the NY trip [10% of final grade]

  • Attendance and active participation during sessions
  • Each participant will assume a role within the delegation, which will contribute both to the delegation’s preparation for the conference and to each delegate’s experience at the conference in NYC;
  • Examples are:
    • Fundraising: pursuing the goal of reducing the travel costs of the individual delegates through the acquisition of financial sponsors.
    • Accounting: managing the bills and fees connected to the conference of the entire delegation.
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Leader Papers

As part of our preparation for the Model United Nations, we also wrote a paper about common UN topics. But not just a typical paper we normally hand in at the university. This time the task was more challenging: We had to focus on just one special aspect of the topic and were free to develop our opinion through the paper. Similar to the

Leaders section in The Economist (for more information visit The Economist) we did not take the perspective of an objectively reporting journalist but rather tried to build up an argument. The papers then were presented in class, which allowed us to simultaneously practice for our speeches at the MUN in New York. Feel free to have a look at a selection below.

Leader Paper – Mars 

Leader Paper – Smart Citites 

Leader Paper – Democracy


Position Papers

The most important part of our preparation for the New York Conference is the writing of position papers. As we have been split up in pairs and each pair has been given a committee, we will be writing seven papers. Each of these deals with three different topics that will be discussed in the respective committees. It is our task to represent the position that Oman is actually taking as accurately as possible. That of course includes a lot of research in order to find the relevant documents that have already been published on the various subjects.

For examples of our position papers, please find the links below.

Position Paper CCPCJ

Position Paper UNESCO