Are you interested in international affairs, in the UN and spending a week with university in New York and all in all getting 6 credits for that?

** Apply now for next year’s NMUN delegation 2018! **

Join us for our info session on May 17th at 17:00 in 01-110 and get the opportunity to speak with students of past courses and learn more about what awaits you in this year.

The National Model United Nations (NMUN) conference in New York is one of the biggest and most sophisticated simulations of the United Nations worldwide. Established in 1946 – one year after the foundation of the UN – the conference has since successfully taken place more than sixty times. Annually 4500 students from 250 universities worldwide gain an insight into the procedures of the United Nations. This provides students with a unique opportunity to accumulate skills in conducting diplomatic negotiations and public speaking, which could not otherwise be gained from day to day university life.

Specialized knowledge, rules of procedure and rhetoric are only a few of the skills that the students need to master. Acquiring these calls for initiative, discipline and focus. Having been able to gain several awards in previous years, the University of St. Gallen once more sets out to reach new heights. This year’s team consists of 24 highly motivated students determined to stand out from the other participants and to make the most out of this unique opportunity.

Delegates for NMUN 2017 have been chosen, applications for NMUN 2018 will be received in May 2017.