Leader Papers

As part of our preparation for the Model United Nations, we also wrote a paper about common UN topics. But not just a typical paper we normally hand in at the university. This time the task was more challenging: We had to focus on just one special aspect of the topic and were free to develop our opinion through the paper. Similar to the

Leaders section in The Economist (for more information visit The Economist) we did not take the perspective of an objectively reporting journalist but rather tried to build up an argument. The papers then were presented in class, which allowed us to simultaneously practice for our speeches at the MUN in New York. Feel free to have a look at a selection below.

Leader Paper – Mars 

Leader Paper – Smart Citites 

Leader Paper – Democracy


Position Papers

The most important part of our preparation for the New York Conference is the writing of position papers. As we have been split up in pairs and each pair has been given a committee, we will be writing seven papers. Each of these deals with three different topics that will be discussed in the respective committees. It is our task to represent the position that Oman is actually taking as accurately as possible. That of course includes a lot of research in order to find the relevant documents that have already been published on the various subjects.

For examples of our position papers, please find the links below.

Position Paper CCPCJ

Position Paper UNESCO